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Areas of Expertise

ADHD/ADD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), Executive Function and Emotional Regulation Skills, Social Skills, Parent Coaching, Collaborative Problem Solving, VIA Character Strengths, Career Transitions, Life Transitions, Leadership Coaching

ADHD Coaching 

Each person with ADHD/ADD is unique, and experience life in ways so intense that they can feel dysregulated across all parts of their lives.


Many of the challenges faced by people with ADHD/ADD come from Executive Dysfunction - this means that both children and adults who have this dysfunction, struggle with managing their focus, attention, understanding time, plan & prioritise what's important and start on tasks in a timely fashion, thus leading to chronic procastination.


Other challenges are in the realms of Emotional Regulation, which means that individuals are unable to manage their emotions in ways that allow them to conduct their life. 


The clear challenges posed by Executive Dysfunction and Emotion Dysregulation, also have a negative effect on Social Relationships.


An indvidual may struggle with all or some of these challenges. We offer customised and group coaching to support individuals to improve their Executive Function, Emotional Dysregulation and Social Skills. Furthermore, we also guide a holistic approach to managing ADHD/ADD that yield long lasting results.

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Career & Life Transitions

Change isn't easy. The fear of the unknown and the lack of an understanding of our own strengths, values and life stories leads us into inertia. 


There are many reasons when and why people choose to bring change into their lives or careers. Sometimes its a process of slow realisation while other times there are a catalysts that compel us to undertake this path of change.


My role as a Coach is to partner with you to navigate this journey of self-discovery and growth. 

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