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My Approach to Coaching

I started on this amazing journey as a Success Coach after being inspired by bright individuals of various ages who struggle to focus, pay attention, stay motivated and manage their emotions.

My Coaching services fall in to two main areas, which many times overlap. One being ADHD Success Coaching and the other is that of a Career & Life Transition Coach

As the first ADHD Coach in India, I work with individuals - both adults & children - and with parents to offer ADHD Coaching that not only addresses motivation, focus and distractibility, but also Executive Function, Emotional Regulation and Social Skills. I have specialised and I am certified to work with Adults and Families on  these areas.

As I have grown my coaching practice, I engaged in numerous conversations with my clients, who shared their discontentment with their careers or lives. Much of my work as a Career & Life Transition Coach is to partner with my clients uncover their buried strengths, aspirations, and reinvent themselves. This enables them to maximise their potential and live meaningful lives that we aspire for. 

My clients believe I make them feel safe as they enter this uncertain journey of growth, and that is always my endeavour as well. My aim is to always have you as my client at the center and compassionately and with a strengths-based approach guide to your goals with success.

I look forward to our partnership.



Image by David Marcu
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