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Meet Sonal

Certified ADHD Success Coach, Social Skills Provider, Parent Coach, Coach for Career & Life Transitions

As a certified coach, I’ve been successfully coaching clients throughout the world while being based in New Delhi.  My approach with all my clients is to offer a fresh perspective while using a strengths-based approach to coach them. One of my areas of expertise is helping to improve productivity with evidence-based strategies. These work to increase focus & attention and avoid procrastination. My approach helps to improve metacognition, which is the ability to take a birds eye view of things - stepping back, identifying problems and solving them.


My clients live around the world and I coach them through virtual one-on-one or group coaching.

I am India's first certified ADHD Coach, which means that I am trained to specially work on attention, motivation and focus challenges along with organizational challenges aka Executive Function Skills, that many of my clients struggle with. I also help to strengthen Emotional Regulation skills that can impede work, academic and social lives. I am a trained & certified ADHD Coach and a Family Coach for ADHD. 

I am also a PEERS Certified Social Skills Provider from UCLA, Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior. I can work with people of all ages to understand how to connect with other people and make stronger relationships.

Much of my Coaching also centers around helping individuals with Career and Life Transitions as they unlayer what is important to them and create more meaningful lives. 

In my career spanning 22 years, I have had rich experience in business journalism, management consulting, non-profit and Education Technology spaces with over 15 years as CEO of Maitri India. 

I have a MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management and a BSc. in Finance from University of Utah. I also have a certification in Social Impact Strategy from University of Pennsylvania. I am a certified Educational Therapist from NILD and understand clearly the challenges faced by those who learn differently.

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